eLearning Modules for Contractors and Volunteers

Welcome to the Contractors and Volunteers eLearning suite. A set of modules have been made available to our contracted staff to make training and resources readily available to those who do not have an Employee number.

Please follow the instructions provided by your local facility regarding any modules relevant to your time at RHC Australia.

The modules provided on this website are open access. Please ensure you only complete the modules which are in line with your current scope of practice.

To complete a course, please click on the relevant link below. Once the course has opened in a new window, work through each page of the module in sequence, and print (or save) the certificate of completion available on the last page. Your certificates of completion will need to be taken to your hospital for record keeping purposed.

The courses are required to be completed in one sitting as bookmarking is not available through these resources.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness
Anti-discrimination Bullying and Harassment eLearning
Basic Life Support eLearning
Code of Conduct
Covid-19 PPE Demonstration videos from the Tasmanian Government of Health
Customer Service eLearning
Emergency Management eLearning
General Orientation eLearning
Managing Aggressive Behaviour
Materials Manual Task System eLearning
Patient Manual Handling eLearning
Privacy Law
Safety eLearning
Speak Up For Patient Safety

Cyber Security

There are different configurations of learning depending on your role. If you are unsure which you should be doing, please speak to your supervisor.

Contractors who work in an office of some kind and do not come into contact with patients
Contractors who come into contact with patients or who are interacting with medical equipment
Contractors or volunteers who have minimal contact with patients or medical technology

Hand Hygiene

5 Hand Hygiene modules provided by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care for implementation nationally within RHC Australia. Learners are linked out to the commission website to register and complete appropriate hand hygiene module. The modules define hand hygiene, the relationship with WHO and its role within the Australian Healthcare Setting. ABHR is identified along with its uses. Appropriate times for hand washing solution including time/place are discussed. There are quizzes throughout the modules to test learners’ abilities and retention of information.

Note: Staff are required to register details and enrol in appropriate Hand hygiene module. Selection of appropriate module occurs as part of registration process.

Hand hygiene modules are now accessed via the NSQHS website. A link to the login site is here

The Basics of Infection Prevention and Control

This module defines infection control as an understanding of the role microorganisms play in our environment and how they interact with us. This knowledge assists the learner to understand ways to prevent transmission and ultimately create a safe environment for our staff, patients and visitors. Mechanisms of infection and the role of standard precautions, hand hygiene, environmental cleaning, sharps management and PPE are all discussed. The module explains occupational exposures, Linen and waste handling. The module is provided to employees via the NSQHS eLearning platform.

The Basics of Infection Prevention and Control is now accessed via the NSQHS website. A link to the login site is here

If you need any assistance in completing these modules please contact us on MyLearning@ramsayhealth.com.au