How did Ramsay Health Care start?

Mr Paul Ramsay AO started Ramsay Health Care in 1964, when he established his first hospital in Sydney.

Today Ramsay Health Care is a global group, employing over 60,000 staff and admitting over 3 million patients each year.



73 hospitals
NSW – 31
VIC – 16
QLD – 18
WA – 5
SA – 3

59+ community pharmacies


132 hospitals
Medical, surgical, obstetrics, mental health and rehabilitations
Co-investment with Credit Agricole Assurances


93-bed hospital


34 hospitals
4th largest operator of private hospitals in the UK
Largest independent provider of acute hospital services to the NHS

Denmark, Norway and Sweden

210 facilities, including primary care units, specialist clinics and Hosptials


6 hospitals (Malaysia 3, Indonesia 3)
Joint venture with Sime Darby
1 college in Malaysia
1 day surgery in Hong Kong

Who are we?

Ramsay Australia’s Executive team are committed to growing the business, helping shape our industry and to encouraging teaching and research. To meet the Global Management Team, please visit the Ramsay Health Care website

Management Team

Craig McNally
Managing Director & CEO (Global)

Carmel Monaghan
Chief Executive Officer Ramsay Australia

Doug Meagher
Chief Financial Officer

Chanelle McEnallay
Chief Risk Officer & Legal Services Director (Aus)

Greg Hall
Chief Operating Officer (Hospitals)

Andrew Smith
Chief Operating Officer (Out of Hospitals)

Dr Robert Herkes
Chief Medical Officer

Caren Schadel
Chief People Officer

Dr Bernadette Eather
Chief Nurse & Clinical Services Director

Kim Chant
Chief Business Development Officer

Dr Rachna Gandhi
Chief Digital and Data Officer

Our values

Our culture

Here at Ramsay Health Care, we pride ourselves on caring for people – not just our patients and customers, but everyone we work alongside or do business with.

For that reason, we are committed to a fair, safe and equitable workplace with a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, bullying and harassment.

What’s important to us

  • Investment in our communities
  • Quality and safety, with strong clinical risk management processes
  • Our people — staff and doctors
  • Environmental and sustainable development
  • Investment in training and research
  • Good corporate governance

Benefits of working with us