Antenatal Learning Centre

Welcome to the Antenatal Learning Centre by Ramsay Health Care. This resource has been designed for you, the expecting family, to help answer your information needs over the course of your pregnancy and birth.

There’s no limitation on how you use this resource. You can access the chapters in any order and at any time, or you can read it cover to cover, so to speak. Please read this page for information on navigating the content and making the most of this resource.

Please note

This website is not designed to replace specific information and advice provided by your obstetrician, midwives or other members of your Maternity Services Team in accordance with your individual needs and circumstances. It is designed to provide you with general information to support and prepare you for your transition through labour and birth to parenthood. Many of our hospitals continue to provide face-to-face antenatal classes. This online program can supplement existing antenatal classes where time constraints may be a barrier to your attendance. Please visit the website of your hospital or contact them directly to learn more about their Maternity Services. If you have any concerns please contact your obstetrician.


Navigating between sections

The resource has been divided into 3 distinct phases relating directly to the process of pregnancy, labour and birth. You will see these sections at the top left of the screen no matter where in the resource you are.

Navigating within sections

Within each section is a range of chapters You can access these in any order via the drop down menu under each section.

Please note that clicking on the section in the menu (rather than a chapter in the drop down) will take you to the first chapter in that section. In the case of Pregnancy, that is Wellbeing in Pregnancy.

Navigating within topics

Once in a chapter you can use the jump menu that appears on the left on most pages to skip down the page to the topics that interest you, or you can just scroll.

Interactive elements

As you read through this resource, you will notice graphics that have been designed as interactive elements. These include tabs, sliders, slideshows and videos. Just click the relevant parts of the element to view more.

  For more information

The Resources pages provide further information and reading.


If you encounter words you are not familiar with, you can look for a definition in the Glossary, which is accessible via a link at the bottom of the screen.


As an alternative means of navigation, click on the Site Map link at the bottom of the screen. The site map lists all sections, topics and subtopics in a single view.


For quick and easy reference, we have also included a contact list for Ramsay's Maternity Hospitals nationwide.


If you would like to provide us with any feedback on this program or offer any suggestions for improvement for future versions, please complete this brief survey.

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